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G.K. Karimkhani is a former Muslim from Iran who was a born again and saved by the Lord Jesus in 1979. He was baptized and later ordained as a minister of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus at Immanuel Baptist Church in Temple, Texas. He has also served for more than sixteen years as a volunteer in pastoral position at the former Martha’s Kitchen Homeless Shelter in Temple. His website are and and this other two books are “HIS witness” and “The New Bith” both in English language.

This book is extremely thorough and detailed. It’s clear the author knows what he’s talking about and is well versed in his subject and the Bible. Also, the author has chosen to use a great amount of biblical references to further drive home his points. The Bible is the one source no one can really argue, and if that is the main source of information, then it creates even more credibility for the author and the reader alike.