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A spiritually enlightening read awaits readers with the release of HIS witness, authored by Brother G.K. Karimkhani.

Readers are invited to explore the author’s spiritual and profound insights in this uplifting book.

In this book, the author delves into God’s use of animals as witnesses to His glory. “All through the Holy Scriptures, we see God’s use of animals to teach man,” Karimkhani says.

This account mentions the relevance of the animals in the Garden of Eden, the animals aboard Noah’s ark, Jonah’s whale, the animals in the manger during the birth of Jesus Christ, the rooster during Peter’s betrayal, and many others.

The chapters of this eye-opening book point the way to Jesus, to Calvary, to the empty tomb, to Christ’s ministry as the Ascended Lord, and to His return. Leading lost man back to Jesus, HIS witness challenges readers to be personal witnesses for Christ, as well.